Dear Sir / Madame

Thembalethu Poverty Relief Foundation is a registered non profit making organisation based in George, Western Cape Province of South Africa, founded in 2017, have served the youth, elderly and disabled people of the Garden Route District area in doing the following projects:

1. Construction of three new shack dwellings for three (3) elderly people living in the informal settlements of Thembalethu, George.

2. Constructing a Poultry farm project to create a self-sustaining business, upskill the youth and specifically the women of Thembalethu to relief their own situations. Stages completed: 

(a). Property identified with involvement from local municipality (property section)
(b). A town planner has been appointed to assist in allocating the property from the local municipality
(c). A draughtsman has been secured for the drawing of plans for the poultry farming project

We would like to turn our vision into execution by organising strategic planning workshops from 11 - 17 November 2019, which amounts to R55 958.30 (see Appendix 1: Five-year strategic plan and business plan outline).  The foundation requires workshop venue, catering for workshop participants, stationery for workshop participants and a workshop facilitator for the facilitation of the strategic planning workshop. The foundation requests anyone who wish to assist us with donation or sponsorship for:

1. Workshop venue 

2. Catering  (For w/shop participants)

3. Workshop Stationery (For w/shop participants)

4. Transport  (For w/shop participants)

5. Facilitator (For w/shop facilitation and final strategic plan)

6. Internet Connection, Telephone & Communication costs

The foundation kindly requests a donation, for an amount of less than, or equal, to R55 958.30, as contribution towards the workshops costs or arrangements and payment for the above stated items of expenditure.

With your support, our efforts would go even further and in return we will promote your company or any individual as the events official sponsor by means of all the media platforms at our disposal, with your approval.

If you would be interested in being our official sponsor, please reach out to us at 060 449 9192 or

We are looking forward to your support and hearing from you.

Thembalethu Poverty Relief Foundation

Banking details are as follows:

Account Holder    : Thembalethu Poverty Relief Foundation

Bank Name                 : Nedbank

Account Number         : 2012248594

Account Type              : Current Type

Branch Code                : 198766

Branch                         : George

Swift Code                   : NEDSZAJJ

Appendix 1: Five-year strategic plan and business plan outline

1. Mission

(a). What do we exist to do?
(b). What makes us different from other organizations similar to us?

2. Vision.

(a). Where do we see the organization in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years?
(b). What is different, then compared to now?
(c). If we had 3 wishes for the future what would they be?

3. Values

(a). What values are important to the organization?
(b). How would we describe the organization if it were a person?
(c). What is the way “we do things around here?”
(c). What is not acceptable behaviour?

4. Strategic objectives tied to vision. (Headlines)

(a). What are themes that we would like the organization to adopt for the term?


(a). What are the organizations Strengths?
(b). Weaknesses?
(c). Opportunities?
(c). Threats?

6. Environmental Scan

(a). What trends in the following areas are happening now, or do we expect to happen that will affect the organization?
(1). Political
(2). Economical
(3). Social
(4). Technological
(5). Legal
(6). Environmental

7. Core competencies and competitive advantage

(Skills, knowledge, aptitude, relationships, technology, etc)

(a). What is our organization particularly good at?
(b). What are we better at than everyone else?

8. Business Lines

What does our organization deliver to our customers?

(Service offerings, product offerings, Value)

9. Blue Ocean

Where can we innovate and create something that has not been done before?

10. Red Ocean

Where should we avoid fighting in because it will consume too much time and resources for little benefit?

11. Risk Register

(a). What uncertainty exists in our organization?
(b). What are the impacts of that uncertainty (risk)
(c). What is the likelihood of that happening?
(d). What can we do to mitigate that risk?

12. Stakeholder Assessment

(a). Who are our Stakeholders,
(b). What is their influence/power?
(c). What is their Interest in what we are doing?
(d). What is important to them?
(e). Actions

13. Core Customer.

Who is our one most important customer?

If we could focus the bulk of our energy serving one key customer, who would it be?

(Stakeholders, clients, shareholders, suppliers, government, other,)

14. Communication Strategy

(a). How are we going to share the message and the strategy to the rest of the organization and the public?
(b). What will we share with our stakeholders?

15. Skills Gaps

What skills are we missing in the organization to make this plan a reality?

Where do we get those skills?

16. Balanced Score Card - Strategic Objectives







Internal process:



KPI/Critical success


17. Implementation Plan



Date Started

Date Completed

A programme for the strategic planning workshop will be developed guided by these items listed above.

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