Developing lived experience leadership in mental health


Strengthening the voice of mental health care users globally through empowerment and inspiring respect and acknowledgement of their experiences, views and opinions as valued and equal citizens of the world

Two principles are fundamental to the GMHPN:

  • Working together with all stakeholders involved to affect the desired change
  • The views, opinions and experiences of mental health care users reflect the change desired

Through the principles, the objectives of the GMHPN are to:

  • Create communities where mental health care users are valued as equal citizens of the world, free from stigma, inequality and inequity;
  • Give a voice to the voiceless and create a platform where what mental health care users say and share, matters;
  • End isolation from the world and connect user groups and movements globally to form a community of experts by experience and who are empowered to self-advocate and advocate on a broader and global scale.

The GMHPN objectives will be achieved through:

  • Creating platforms where mental health care users can share experiences, views, opinions and ideas, through the GMHPN website, social media, newsletter, participation in engagement opportunities, such as discussion platforms both online and face-to-face gatherings;
  • Linking user groups and movements with each other and developing a database of user groups and movements to provide peer support, knowledge sharing, sharing of evidence-based information and collaborative campaigning opportunities;
  • Empowerment of mental health care users through the GMHPN website, social media, newsletter, participation in engagement opportunities, development of interactive information materials, and online training, by: dissemination of mental health related information on evidence and research, innovations, new developments and opportunities in mental health; updates on country level legislation that impacts on mental health; and improving  human rights literacy;
  • Promotion of recovery stories, both in written and video formats, shared on online platforms and through public engagement opportunities;
  • Build a relationship with researchers and policymakers where the GMHPN members can actively engage, as persons with lived experience, with research and provide inputs into the drafting and review of country and international level mental health and human rights related policies, legislation, strategic plans, and human rights instruments;
  • Hold countries accountable to their international commitments towards: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals; WHO Mental Health Action Plan; Upholding the rights of persons with psychosocial disability in relation to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and other relevant commitments as Member States of the UN and WHO, through collaborative advocacy activities and campaigns.​


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