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As COVID-19 spreads in South Africa, the communities in which the DTHF works need our services more than ever. Over the last few months, we have focused our attention on developing safe and efficient ways to continue delivering vital health services at scale.

While we tackle the unique challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented to our work, the community members accessing our services are also in dire need. Food security goes hand-in-hand with health and wellbeing, and the COVID-19 pandemic has left many of our community members in desperate need of food.

The DTHF has, therefore, started an initiative, through our adolescent division, to provide food vouchers to community members, particularly the young and the vulnerable who access our services. Since launching, we have provided Shoprite food vouchers to the value of R250 each to 21 young clinic visitors.  These vouchers have empowered young people to not only sustain their own needs but also the needs of their families, thereby providing food to at least 90 individuals.

However, to continue this life-sustaining service, we need your help! Every rand counts and helps us to ease the burden of food insecurity that our communities are facing during this time.

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  1. Jenny Lee

    17 August 2020

  2. Ace Robinson

    18 July 2020

  3. Alinda Young

    1 July 2020

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