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“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up." 
Terence McKenna

This is our impossible dream right now! To create a water retention landscape and build a lake, so we can continue to regenerate the landscape all year round.

More than any other thing, this lake will help Danyadara flourish and grow and take our project to the next level. 

You can help to lift us up and make this dream a reality!

Did you know that 20% of Spain is now desert and 74% of the remaining land is at high risk for desertification in the coming few years? 

We represent a beautiful not for profit project called Danyadara, which means blessed Earth!  We are part of a movement of conscious people working to reverse the impacts of desertification in the south of Spain through knowledgeable application of sustainable farming systems.

Danyadara has been initiated with the support of our big sister project Suryalila - A world- class yoga retreat centre in Andalusia, Spain 

For the last six years, Danyadara has been active in many areas of land regeneration including organic food production, tree planting, soil regeneration, water retention, building a mediterranean forest and most importantly educating others in sustainable farming. Located in an area where the soil destroying practices of modern farming are rife, we aim to become a leader in sustainable farming in our region and to educate, proving, through demonstration, that it is not too late to reverse the damage done.

Desertification is caused by a mix of things including intensive monoculture farming, use of pesticides, climate change, and short-sighted public policies. Government grants are given to support industrial monoculture farming with use of fertilisers and pesticides, which are destroying the eco-system, whilst projects based in sustainable practices struggle to find government funding.

Danyadara has a proven record of transforming barren land into lush spaces, which has been achieved through a combination of practices under the umbrella of permaculture. 

Over the last 6 years and with the effort and support of hundreds of people, we have been able to plant over 8000 thousand native trees and bushes, save numerous resilient seeds, build eco-constructions, increase biodiversity, provide a life-changing experience through our volunteer program and to really improve the overall ecosystem of our 20-hectare farm. We also run regular intensive Permaculture Design Courses to share our knowledge of sustainable farming.

The main issue in continuing and expanding our work is the severe lack of water in this region of severe drought. We have implemented various sustainable techniques of water conservation like filter tanks to reuse water, swales and keylines to expand the area of irrigation from rainwater.

However, we still face a significant deficit of water. This forces us to buy truckloads of water during the summer season to support the life of human and non-human residents and visitors of this land. 

This unsustainable practice can be solved by creating a water retention landscape. Our wildest dream is to create a beautiful lake, which will act as a reservoir. It will help us to retain water, attract wildlife, improve the beautiful landscape and increase biodiversity overall, allowing our land regeneration project to flourish.

With your donations we will be able to achieve our goal to create this lake!!! 

And as a sign of appreciation for your contribution, we will plant a tree for every 10 euros we receive as well as building the lake. 

You can find more information about our work and find all the important details to contribute to our mission on our social media www.danyadara.com or Instagram account @danyadarapermaculture. 

Thank you for supporting our Project!





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