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Cyclone Freddy is an extremely powerful, destructive, and deadly tropical cyclone that has become the longest-lived tropical cyclone on record.

The cyclone has caused loss of lives (the death toll is rising) and has inflicted severe damage to a variety of structures, homes, and many life-line installations.

In addition, Malawi has already been dealing with a terrible Cholera outbreak that is now being seen in Mozambique and will now be worsened due to Cyclone Freddy.

How has Life Child been affected?

Life Child has experienced major structural damage to our residential homes, schools, and medical clinic at our Okalawo Village in Quelimane, Mozambique. There has also been structural damage to the buildings at our Peace School in Quelimane. Eight of our goats have died.

With regards to the families of our Life Child children, there has been major flood damage to their homes, and many families have been displaced, having had their homes destroyed. In Mozambique, over 400 have taken emergency shelter at our Life Child Peace School.

Currently, in both countries, there are issues regarding electricity, and there is no clean water. Incidences of theft and looting are rampant as people are getting desperate. Falling trees have created extensive damage. The farm damage in Mozambique still has to be assessed. The extent of the damage in Malawi will still have to be evaluated.

We will still assess the widespread effect of the Cholera outbreak on our children and families due to the Cyclone.
The death toll continues to rise, as do the numbers of those affected by Cholera and Malaria.

For more information on the overall work of Life Child, visit: www.lifechild.org.za



-Bedding (including Wellington boots)
-Water purification products, EG: Certeza,
-Mosquito nets
-Malaria rapid tests

STRUCTURAL and other:

-We require funding to send a Structural Engineering Team to conduct post-disaster damage surveys on the buildings and structures ravaged by the cyclone. Training at the community level as well.
-Roof Sheeting
-Tarps or plastic sheeting & cord, nails

We would greatly appreciate your support in caring for the most vulnerable children, families, and communities through a financial donation to buy the necessities.

If you have any questions or would prefer an alternative way to donate, you can email info@lifechild.org.za.

If you are in the USA and would like to receive a Tax certificate, you can donate through the following link:


[Note: Choose the General Donation option, and in the comment section, please put the reference: Cyclone Freddy]

*Note the fundraising goal will be subject to change as we continue to assess the full scope of the situation.

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