Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018

This year by being part of Team SPCA in the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018 you will be assisting our society to care for the many homeless dogs and cats that come through our doors on an annual basis.

Our #chooseyourfamily #bethechange #lifesBetterShared Cycle campaign aims to highlight that we can’t choose our family but to inspire those people who have reached a point in their lives where adding to their family is now an option (e.g. a new house; getting married; couple moving in together etc.). Please visit your local SPCA and make a choice to give a deserving animal a second chance at happiness

Alternatively you can #bethechange and Cycle the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018 – for the love of animals.

For more information please contact Tyron or Natasha



  1. Mark Sherrell

    27 March 2018

  2. Anonymous donation

    10 March 2018

  3. Mark Sherrell

    27 February 2018

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