Kayamandi Cycling Township Tours

Kayamandi - which means “sweet home” in Xhosa - being locked between beautiful mountains and first class wine farms, it’s easy to see why there are a variety of Township tours running. However, Prochorus and one of our volunteers, Stan, have seen the gap in the market for a Cycling township tour. Combining the popularity of cycling and the richness of the local community to create a unique experience for both local and international visitors.

The tour will not only be a means of socio- economic transformation in the township. It will also be a means of sustainable income for Prochorus to help us better serve the community via the projects we

The tour will make stops at popular hotspots in Kayamandi and help support the local entrepreneurs. From beads to bread – the stops will hope to set a platform for emerging entrepreneurs. The tour will be also give us an opportunity to empower local tour guides to
facilitate the ride through their own “Sweet Home”.

To organise such a tour, we will need to make an investment in some equipment, namely: Bikes, storage and training for the local tour guides.

Kayamandi – a vibrant community full of life and possibility.

Possibility that can create a better future for those who call it home.

Possibility that can invite the world into this rich community.

Possibility that can increase the capacity of Prochorus by engaging in social entrepreneurship practices.

Will you join us and invest in the possibility of Cycling Township Tours in Kayamandi?

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    28 October 2017

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    11 October 2017

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    11 October 2017

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