Team Fast & Featherless 2018

BirdLife South Africa’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) Programme has recently launched its IBA Fund. The IBA Fund aims to raise unencumbered funds for on-the-ground conservation work in IBAs. South Africa boasts 112 IBAs which are sites that house some of our most precious birds as well as a myriad of other species. Protecting these IBAs, and the birds and other biodiversity they house, is a full time job undertaken by a dedicated IBA Team. The IBA Team is constantly on the move in conserving our vanishing habitats. This is where the Fast & Featherless come in!

Part of raising funds and creating awareness for the conservation of IBAs is our Fast & Featherless initiative where cyclists, nature lovers and birding enthusiasts ride in the BirdLife South Africa colours in support of the IBA Team’s work. Cyclists who become part of our Fast & Featherless Team can assist us in raising money for the IBA Fund by becoming activists on the GivenGain website. Fast & Featherless Team members can register as activists and get their friends and family to sponsor their rides through this fund raising platform: Money generated by Team members will go to advancing the protection of some of South Africa’s most crucial habitats and assisting the IBA Team to continue conserving our birds.

Fast & Featherless cycle shirts maybe ordered throughout the year and before any race a participant may wish to enter.

By taking up the cause from your bicycle saddle, critical IBAs, and their birds and biodiversity, stand a fighting chance. For more information on how to become a part of the Fast and Featherless Team please contact Romy Antrobus-Wuth or Daniel Marnewick.

Romy Antrobus-Wuth on 011 789 1122/ ;or

Daniel Marnewick on 011 789 1122/, or

To find out more about the countrywide IBA network please visit



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    21 September 2018

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