Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019

By joining Team SPCA in the Cape Town Cycle Tour you ensure that the work of the CoGH SPCA continues – preventing cruelty to all animals, rescuing animals from crisis and distress, giving shelter to sick, injured, abandoned and unwanted animals, and providing subsidised veterinary care to animals from less fortunate communities and educating young learners about the humane treatment of animals. 

Together,  we can Be The Change and provide a life line for animals - a life line that in many cases, is their last hope of a second chance at life.

So whether you’re a novice or a fitness fanatic we invite you to take up the challenge and make your race count for more!

If you would like know more please contact Tyron or Natasha ;



  1. Siobhaun hieber

    8 March

  2. Anonymous donation

    8 March

  3. Courtney Male

    8 March

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