Cape Town Cycle Tour Fundraiser - Support Deaf Education

DeafNET Centre of Knowledge (DeafNET) is a network of knowledge and expertise in the interest of people in South Africa and Africa who experience Deafness. Our main objectives are to bring together Deaf people, their families, hearing colleagues and friends, service providers and professionals to gather, share and exchange knowledge, skills and research results in order to further the personal autonomy and self-representation, healthy human values and universal human rights of Deaf persons.

This includes the development and socio-economic integration of individuals to improve their quality of life. Our programmes are designed to provide a platform for Deaf individuals to achieve their full potential – this includes:
Numeracy and Literacy Skills Development
Leadership development
Scholarship programmes
Entrepreneurship opportunities
Multi-media products
Sign Language Training and Interpreter Services
When you support our riders, not only do you give back to society, but you allow us to continue to educate, empower and give a voice to Deaf individuals across the continent of Africa.

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