Dairy Cow donation for HIV/AIDS WOMEN GROUPS

Here Oldadai County, Arusha City, there are many widows, about 1250, 65% are victims of AIDS.And each family has an average of 5 children, the total indirect is 6250 family members In this number, for this year, CSM we intend to start sporting 20 women helping each year

CSM as NGO goal , is to provide Dairy  cow  to produce milk & Milk products in order to improve the health of small scale farmers with his families, later will use Cow dung in her farms of vegetable and fruit seeds.These widows need to get good nutrition because many of them are victims of HIV/AIDS .The answer to its life: is selling vegetables and fruits, and extra milk, so within in the short time will just having a proper source of income to meet daily living

The procedure is to keep livestock together, ie 1 cow, for the 2 women group.

For 10 Dairy cows for 20 women  and every firstborn (Heifer) will be given to another family, at the age of 6 years .

Within 5 years, we produce 50 livestock, and they will reach 100 families This is the easiest way to help the low-income community, and then have a good income and good health