Cyberbullying Awareness Campaign

25 per cent of teenagers report that they have experienced repeated bullying by their cell phone, or on the Internet. 52 per cent of young people report being cyber bullied. 11 per cent of adolescents and teens report that embarrassing or damaging photographs have been taken of them without their knowledge or consent.

Cyberbullying is experienced by a lot of people it does not discriminate and on the rise. Victims of Cyberbullying need to know that they are not alone. Research has shown that friend to friend support is one of the most successful ways of preventing and addressing Cyberbullying.

Our online campaign is aimed at teaching children when they see bullying get out of line, not to be afraid to intervene. Teaching them to offer support and show sympathy. Showing support can make a huge difference for the person being bullied.

Help us get to get our online social media campaign off the ground so that we can all make a difference.