For 40 years CROW has been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing injured, orphaned or displaced animals. We admit over 3000 animals to the Centre every year whose injuries and problems are mostly caused by human cruelty or urbanisation. We also run countless educational seminars at schools and have trained hundreds of volunteers throughout the years, fostering a love and knowledge of conservation to the next generation through education. 

Providing care for these animals is a specialised, dedicated and costly service and as a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, we are completely donor-funded and rely on the generosity of the public to keep our doors open.

The devastating effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt at CROW where we have had to cancel all remaining events of the year and our biggest income: the international volunteer programme.

The programme was started decades ago, inviting people from all corners of the world to volunteer at the Centre while also living on the property at CROW. The programme soon became so successful that it blossomed into the biggest part of our funding stream. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the closure of all airports and borders for the foreseeable future, meaning that we have also had to suspend the international volunteer programme for the foreseeable future.


The financial loss of this is overwhelming: over a normal year, the volunteer programme would have brought in enough to help cover our operational costs, which amount to approximately R340 000 a month. 
We have had to turn away dozens of new volunteers and had to reimburse those who had already booked with us, losing well over R300 000 in this time alone. Without the income from the volunteer programme, keeping CROW operational is nearly impossible. 

We appeal to our supporters, animal lovers and the general public to please help us stay open so that we can continue helping voiceless, injured and innocent animals and can keep educating the next generation about conservation.


You contribution will help pay for:

  - Food for over 300 animals at the Centre at any given time

  - Medication, vet bills, clinic materials used to treat injured and orphaned animals

  - Running costs of vehicles that go out 7 days a week to rescue animals from anywhere in       KwaZulu-Natal

  - Equipment, building materials and tools which maintain our enclosures, keeping them in top condition and ensuring the safety and comfort of all animals

  - The payroll for nurses and ground staff who take care of the patients and their enclosures       around the clock

  - Educational seminars and training programmes that touch the lives of thousands of children 

 We thank you for any contribution, which no matter the size, can make a difference in an animal’s life today.

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