Madam Marie Critical Care Equine Unit

In January of this year, our horse care unit admitted Madam Marie,a young filly approximately 3 years of age. She had clearly been a victim of the bush racing fraternity. She had whip marks all over her body from her neck to her flanks – even between her legs and on the underside of her soft belly. She had saddle sores oozing pus and her hooves were so worn down that she struggled to stand. While we have seen so much abuse at the SPCA, Madam Marie's condition was heartbreaking. Frustratingly, we also found ourselves without the lifesaving equipment that we needed to give her at the very least a fighting chance. Sometimes, around the clock care and all the love we have to give is not enough - for cases like these we need specialised equipment to help us lift, turn, assess, diagnose and heal! Madam Marie sadly lost her fight and while we will never forget her we hope to dedicate this special unit to her memory. Having recently resumed responsibility for the Atlantis and Mamre Areas where equine abuse is rife, we know that Madam Marie will be the first of many equines admitted to this unit that will be in need of critical care. Please help us to save them?

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    8 February 2018

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