Pause for a moment: You helped children eat a meal

Pause for a moment. While millions of South Africans were living in poverty before COVID-19, it is now estimated that 34% of South Africans were going to bed hungry during lockdown. Your donations and support matter so much to allow us to make an impact. At Charlestonhill secondary school, we are able to feed between the range of 110 - 220 children weekly, thanks to the veggies growing in the boxes. An incredible achievement given the fact that school staff are stretched thin operating in the new normal. Your donations are so appreciated as they help us ensure that veggies are growing in our veggie boxes that ultimately feed the community. We hope to continue working hard to ensure access to food and assist communities with the skills needed to grow their own veggies to ultimately ensure no one has to go without access to fresh produce again. 

We believe education and grassroots level connection has the power to improve lives and we invite you to join us on our mission. Visit the Call 2 Care website to contribute and join us on our journey. ❤️


The Gogos Gardens that contribute to Food security

Our team have been hard at work ensuring that we are able to maximise the vegetables growing in our community gardens across the western cape. Today, we spent our time with the elders at the Gugulethu vegetable gardens. The day included harvesting, topping up our vegetable boxes with high-quality potting soil purchased from StanlerFarms. These gardens are cared for by the “gogos” and provide vegetables for a community soup kitchen, feeds the little ones at Siseko early childhood development center, feed the grannies and also contribute much-needed income for the grannies where excess produce is sold. ❤️ Thank you to the volunteers for joining us today. Your help means so much to us. If you would like to join us at our next volunteer event, please like our Facebook page where we post all volunteer opportunities. Naturally, the work that we do is impossible without the assistance of our donors. Thanks to you all for donating towards parcels and our gardens during these challenging times. 

The iGardi project is especially important while South Africans drift deeper into poverty even before COVID-19. We hope to continue working hard to ensure access to food and assist communities with the skills needed to grow their own veggies to ultimately ensure no one has to go without access to fresh produce again. We believe education and grass roots level connection has the power to improve lives and we invite you to join us on our mission. Visit the Call 2 Care website to contribute and join us on our journey. ❤️


52 families supported with special needs children

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Call 2 Care were able to support families with special needs children at Saint Joseph by personally delivering much needed fresh produce, educational material, PPE, hygiene, non-perishable products directly to the families doors. We have been overwhelmed with the voice notes directly from the families supported and asking Call 2 Care to extend their thanks to those that contributed to the program.

Saint Joseph's Home RC Primary School were incredibly appreciative for the coordination and delivery of 52 food parcels by Call to Care which we were able to personally deliver to 52 families from the school community. The Saint Joseph staff and Call 2 Care volunteers were overwhelmed to be in a position to deliver the parcels to the much-needed parents and children on a cold and rainy day. We have subsequently received numerous notes of sincere thanks as well as voice notes of appreciation specifically for PPECB and other donors who donated via our COVID-19 Program and for providing the financial assistance needed to allow Call 2 Care to pack and deliver the parcels that included fresh produce, non-perishable items, PPE and educational material.

The St. Joseph’s Home RC Primary School is a special needs school for children with learning barriers. These barriers include chronically ill children with different syndromes as part of our learning component. These special needs include autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, as well as medical conditions such as heart and lung disease, cancer, respiratory disorders and tracheas. We also have learners with TB, HIV/AIDS, and recently an influx of children with traumatic brain injuries.

The school provides daily meals to 97 learners through the Provincial School Feeding Scheme. In addition to this, the school provides food parcels on a regular basis to 52 families who have very little to no income at all. The school feeding programme does not operate during school holiday periods, but given the extended lockdown, Saint Joseph had to reach out to these destitute families. The outreach programme was carefully coordinated by Call to Care and families had to sign as proof of receipt for the deliveries.


COVID-19 Essential Packages provided to Gugulethu families

An incredible milestone reached where we were able to provide Call 2 Care COVID-19 essential care packages to keep 239 family members safe, healthy and educated. This initiative took 4 vehicles and 4 trips to deliver discreetly to families in need. Thanks to our partnership with Village Power Traders, we were able to provide fresh produce, non-perishables, PPE, educational materials and female hygiene and baby food/formula. So much appreciation was received by families, please see images below.

Our next stop is Saint Joseph School for the chronically ill and we need your help to assist 49 families on our list. Help us reach these families from only R255 which will go a long way to assisting these children with life limiting and life threatening illness. Most of our children come from informal settlements where clean water, electricity, sanitation and nutritious food are in short supply. Please share this initiative with your networks and help us reach our milestone. 

Visit our website to learn more about the program and donate via snap scan, given gain and/or monthly.

Thanks to all that donated towards a family in need. Special thanks to volunteers Lauren George, Andrew George, Matolo Tolos Tyuluba, Giles Hodgson and the Amasoja Youth initiative. Thanks to Intellimali and Village Power traders who sponsored the bulk of this milestone.  


Harvest at Elderly Garden

Thanks to all that are lending their support specifically to our COVID-19 Parcels. As you know Call 2 Care relies heavily on public, corporate and social gatherings as team builds and volunteer events to get the funding needed to maintain our vegetable gardens. Without being able to host socially conscious events and leverage the support of the funding that is provided to host these events, we are struggling to be able to deliver on our promise of Food Security to communities in our care. We are appealing to you and all our followers who supported this initiative, to please consider a monthly donation of as little as R20 per month through our Payfast portal. This will go a long way in ensuring that existing vegetable gardens thrive.


First shipment of COVID-19 Parcels delivered in Khayelitsha

Thanks to your support, we were able to ship our first shipment of COVID-19 Parcels to families who are living hand to mouth. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support. Special thanks to Village Power Trade for allowing us to source these items at wholesale and cost despite the serious impact on supply chains due to panic buying. 

Please see some of the recipients below with testimonials form the families:



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    22 October

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    5 October

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