COVID-19 Parcels & Community Vegetable Gardens support

The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown of communities have left many households destitute, due to the loss of their jobs and income -  particularly for those who live hand-to-mouth. A heartbreaking new reality for developing areas of our country have resulted in these same families being desperate for support. 

We need your support more than ever to donate towards our COVID-19 Essential food and hygiene parcel program and support our community vegetable gardens.  

To assist families in need, we have partnered with Village Power Traders, a large family-run wholesaler, to source wholesale food and hygiene products at bulk cost price. Our base parcel includes essential food, hygiene and PPE products and costs only R255 per person and is well below retail value. Additional female sanitary and baby items are added to parcels in consultation with families in need. Shipped with these parcels, we are providing families with customised educational materials to educate and empower these families in the fight against COVID-19. In addition, we are maximising food production at our community gardens that support the elderly, children and contribute to soup kitchens. Please do consider donating as a monthly donor via our

 as this really helps us ensure we can build and support more gardens. 

What is our promise? 

The number of food parcels that have been delivered will be validated with pictures and letters of thanks from families that have received them. This information will be made available to all supports and members of the public on our website and. We will ensure to acknowledge any support given through our social media networks and website, as a small token of our appreciation. Please keep track of our goals and progress by visiting our website

What more can you do to support Call 2 Care? 

As part of our The iGardi Project, we currently have 132 gardens in Paarl, Guguletu, Langa, Imizamoyethu and Montana.  The aim of these gardens is to add fresh food to the parcels. Our vegetable gardens in these communities are the staple source of food for many people living in developing communities. With schools closed, and most of the food gardens situated in schools, we are personally doing everything possible to ensure these Food Gardens thrive and will continue to benefit the families of these school communities. 

Call 2 Care relies heavily on public, corporate and social gatherings to get the funding needed to maintain our vegetable gardens. Without being able to host socially conscious events and leverage the support of the funding that is provided to host these events, we are going to struggle to be able to deliver on our promise of Food Security to these communities. 

In the spirit of Ubuntu, please assist us in playing our part to help those most affected and in need during this time. 

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Needed Essential Items - 
We are collecting donations in the Cape Town Area which helps us reach more families. You can leave us a detailed message on our website as well for all collecto

Maize Meal
Peanut Butter 
Cough Syrup 
Colds & Flu Medication 
Headache & Fever Tablets 
Bathing Soap 
Sanitary Products for Women 
Toilet Paper 
2 in 1 Handwash Powder 
All-purpose cleaner 
Dishwashing Liquid 
Frozen Mix Portion Chicken
Frozen Mixed Veg 
Fresh Butternuts 
Fresh Carrots 
Fresh Onions
Fresh Cabbages 
Fresh Swiss Chard
Fresh Potatoes 
Fresh Apples 
Cooking Oil 
Beef Stock 
Diapers for all baby age groups
Dog & Cat Food 
Effective Face Masks 
Hand Sanitizer 
Long Life Milk 
Tinned Tuna/Pilchards 
Tinned Beans 
Tinned Vegetables ie, sweetcorn, peas 
Instant Coffee
Black Tea 
Rooibos Tea 
Rash Cream for infants 
Paediatric Medication 
Formula For Bottle Feeding 
Cereals & Baby Food for all baby age groups
Wet Wipes for infants

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