Covid-19 Assistance

Our charity Bright Start has 35 disadvantaged children from southern Africa currently sitting at home with their education at a halt.  

The Covid-19 pandemic threatens to seriously compromise their learning due to a lack of fundamental resources in the poverty-stricken communities in which they live.

Sadly, some of our major donors have fallen away due to their own recent economic challenges, and our organisation is utilising all its resources to keep our children in schools and stay afloat.

We desperately need your help and support to raise funds for data and resources so these children can continue to access their education, and masks to keep them and their families safe. Every donation makes a difference…



  1. Rachel Gibson

    30 December 2020

  2. Ronesh Rampersad

    13 November 2020

  3. Wendy Morison

    25 May 2020

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