There have been a huge number of reports and cases of women and girl child who are killed and murdered in our country.

Women and girl children are traded, bought and sold across national borders as commodities to be put to use prostitutes or slaves, or merely to be sold again at a profit.

Some of these women and girl child find themselves in a vicious circle of these brutal acts of violence that involves female genital mutilation rituals, sexual harassment, abuse in workplaces and schools, forced/Child Marriage, Sexual Assault, Exploitation, Prostitution, and trafficking.

Therefore the organisation has developed this campaign to eradicate violence against women and girl children and address the risk factors leading to these acts.

This campaign its a call of action to each and every man to "Man Up" and declare that violence against women and girl children must come to an end. This campaign will promote a culture of respect for women and girl children's rights thus ensuring that all women and girl children live in an environment that is safe from abuse, neglect, exploitation, vulnerability and murder.

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