Continued child-friendly mental health services

Waves for Change stands firmly behind the words of Cyril Ramaphosa "In the days, weeks and months ahead our resolve, our resourcefulness and our unity as a nation will be tested as never before."

For many of us, our home is our safe space. For many children in under-served communities, safety is often found in spaces outside of their homes. During a time in which children do not have access to schools, surf therapy or youth mentors, Waves for Change recognises its duty of care to continue reaching those children with child-friendly mental health services.

Because of the circumstances we find ourselves in, Waves for Change is translating 10 years of surf therapy experience, resources and research into a remote delivery programme through our network of skilled youth surf mentors in the communities. 

We are requesting funds toward the following adaptations of our surf therapy programme:

  • R250 (monthly) towards internet data for youth surf mentors, who need to deliver a reliable remote service to children in the programme 
  • R300 towards food vouchers for families of children in the programme
  • R640 towards a telephonic debrief psychologist (cost per month)
  • R1,500 towards one-on-one mentorship for surf mentors (cost per month)

We urge those who are still in a position to do so, to please support our work by making a financial contribution or signing up as a monthly donor to help ensure our sustainability in delivering crucial services at a vulnerable time for those recovering from trauma or living with mental health challenges.

Other ways to get involved:

  • Follow us on social media for mental health updates
  • Share this campaign 
  • Create a fundraiser to inspire and motivate your friends
  • Get your employer on board

    Thank you sincerely for your consideration.

    Tim Conibear, Founder - Waves for Change Surf Therapy. 

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