Why the classroom campaign ?

We are strongly creating and advocating for this four classroom campaign painfully because the current situation in the locality of nakyenyi is that pupils and students do not have proper four walled classrooms and they instead get the education in small tree shades which is greatly affecting the literacy levels in our community. Worse still during rainy seasons pupils/students are left not to attend school as they cant study in heavy down pours and the great risk of thunderstorms which is comparatively the same during very sunny days as the students and the teachers find it very hard to with-stand the strong hotness caused by the sunshine during their learning.This has greatly led to high school drop- out rates.

Differences this campaign will make.

This campaign first and foremost will create a heartfelt assistance to you the donor reading the difficulties so that you can be able to assist in raising the funds to construct and finish the four classroom blocks to facilitate the education in our community.

Once Funds are realized through this campaign , there will be a great positive difference in away that Hope Initiative will be able to construct the classroom blocks and the students together with the teachers shall be saved from being hit by rain, thunderstorms and also being hit by the strong sunshine.

Conclusively, this campaign will bring an everlasting difference as students themselves will be motivated to attend school without fear of rain and sunshine and also teachers will be motivated to report to school and each the students with proper four walled classroom structures. This alone will help in promoting community education and also raise the literacy community levels.