Conor James Foundation

The Conor James Foundation was established in honour of Conor James Funke, who passed away at just three weeks old in 2017 from myocarditis, a rare heart condition that developed as a result of a virus.

The foundation has three key areas of focus:  
1. to create awareness around myocarditis and closely related conditions in the medical community and among parents through the development educational material;
2. to create both online and in-person emotional support to families whose children are affected by this disease
3. to raise funds for further research into myocarditis, especially in infants younger than 6 months old

As a private, non-profit organisation The Conor James Foundation relies on the generosity of donations to achieve its objectives and would be most grateful for any contribution you could make towards to helping it realise its vision.

Your donation will go towards one of the key projects identified to help infants affected by myocarditis and their families, as well as the many bereaved families of angel babies.

You can see more infomation on our projects at

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