Rural Literacy Solutions 2020 Project Report


This year, Rural literacy thoughtfully maneuvered through uncertain time when learning was disrupted by the pandemic. We were able to ran our afterschool literacy program after a short break following all the safety measures needed and thankfully all our kids are safe. We also launched a community engagement program amidst a very difficult time where we sent a team into the communities on weekly bases to help primary school children in the kumbungu district out of school with our literacy programs. We also engaged parents and community members on how they can keep themselves safe from the corona virus. We served a total of 1500 children and community members in these trying times. The importance of this accomplishment is undeniable.

Our commitment is to work to reach more underserved communities in Northern Ghana with our literacy after school programs and the pandemic has also alerted us the need for us to have books sharing boxes in our communities to help provide books for children to read while at home.

We offer our deepest gratitude to Participate Learning and Participate for their support and commitment to strengthen Literacy in Northern Ghana. We say Thank You

Peter Amoabil,
Executive Director Rural Literacy


This report is going to highlight our work towards the realization of Sustainable Development Goals, precisely goal 4, which is to

“ENSURE INCLUSIVE AND EQUITABLE QUALITY EDUCATION AND PROMOTE LIFE LONG LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL in 3 schools in the kumbungu district of northern Ghana. We sustained and grew our movement of people who know the end high illiteracy rate in Northern Ghana is possible and that each of us can do something to make it happen.

With our afterschool Literacy program for Rural Primary schools, the goal is to increase literacy for rural students so they have the opportunity to move on to junior high school. Without proper Literacy skills, few students make it past the 4th grade level. Our committed literacy club teachers are working to help rural students increase their reading, writing, speaking and comprehension abilities, as well as build their confidence and commitment towards school.

Acting on one of our strategic priorities, The Rural Literacy Solutions trained six teachers of our partner schools to facilitate our literacy clubs in their respective schools. Secondly, we also involve the Ghana Education service Kumbungu Directorate. They supported us in monitoring our literacy clubs.

Covid-19 pandemic did not halt our commitment to reach more children out of school as a result of the pandemic. We sent out a team into the communities to help engage children out of school with our community literacy engagement program. The team also sensitize community members about the corona virus. Over 1500 community members and children were benefited from our community engagement program. We also fumigated our partner schools, provided face mask and hand sanitizers for the kids and our activities were held following all the covid-19 safety protocols.


Three schools in 3 communities were supported with after school literacy program. A total of 230 children were impacted in our literacy clubs.

Over 1500 children and community members were reached through our community engagement program to help support children out of school in the kumbungu district with our literacy program and to help sensitize community members about the covid 19.

Literacy training session were conducted to our teacher facilitators to help empower our facilitators with literacy skills. A total of 6 teacher facilitated were trained.


230 more children became more literate through our after-school program.

Over 600 students became more literate through our community literacy engagement program.

Beneficiary schools have 70 percent more students continue to junior high schools since the program was started in 2019.

Next steps

Our immediate aim is to extend our operations to cover more schools in the Kumbungu District in the year 2021 to impact more children.

The pandemic that sent all school children out of school has alerted us the need to set up book sharing mini library boxes in the communities we operate. This will help children in the communities and their neighboring communities to get access to books to practice reading at home and to help

them do better in school. The aim is to set up 10 book sharing boxes in 10 communities in 2021.



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