Cleeve sails for NSRI Pink Buoys

In November last year, NSRI began placing Pink Rescue Buoys along the coastline, at dams, rivers, canals and swimming pools.  These buoys are flotation devices to save lives.

In less than 12 months - 14 lives have been saved.

We need your help to fund more Pink Buoys, to save more lives.  

Our advice is always to swim where lifeguards are on duty and to swim between their flags.  We know this does not always happen.   In a typical scenario Sea Rescue gets an emergency call for a swimmer in difficulty and, when we get there, we find two or more people in danger of drowning.

Tragically, sometimes we are not able to get there in time and someone drowns. Usually the person who does not survive is the kind person who went into the water to try and help a person in difficulty.

If there is an incident and someone needs help these buoys can be thrown to that person, providing emergency flotation.  If anyone enters the water, against our advice, they can use the buoy for flotation for themselves and the casualty.

There are clear graphics on the sign which explain how to use the Buoy. And most importantly, the emergency number for the closest Sea Rescue station is printed on the sign.  Each NSRI Pink Rescue Buoy and sign costs R1 500.

Many people are concerned that the Pink Rescue Buoys will be removed from the signs but, as expected, that has not been a major problem.  Depending on the area, between 10% and 18% are stolen. Community involvement is critical.

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