CINTA Foundation Uganda is a registered Non-Government organization providing education support to vulnerable children and empowering communities for economic development. We are working with two Nursery/Primary schools, Kiswa Community Center and Jokkolera junior School that provide subsidized education to the very poor communities. The 252 children enrolled for support can’t afford exercise  books supposed to be used by the children for writing during lessons and cannot meet meal costs despite the fact that sometimes they leave home without any meal. On the other hand, the schools we are working with lack proper teaching materials as recommended by the ministry for attainment of expected results in literacy and numeracy. All money collected by the schools goes into buying a few basic items like chalk, printing exams, paying teachers and meeting utility bills.

The organization has already received regrets from would be funders of the education component comprising mainly board members and Directors given the ongoing COVID situation and we are left in a position of uncertainty not sure what to do with future of these children. We need $14,531 to cover costs for one full school year,  $5,694 is our first target for one school term and expenses to be covered include:-

a) 252 children for one year (3 school terms) each receiving scholastic materials including exercise books, School bag, geometry set and pens/pencils
b) One computer for a school which is currently never had one and using manual system for all records. 83% of children here have never seen a computer.
c) Provide teaching aids & create classroom environment for proper learning.

Every coin contributed will be used entirely for meeting education costs of the children and procuring teaching Aids and stationery for schools. We are hopeful that together we will work towards securing the education of these children and give them hope for the future.

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