Chris & Nisie Joubert - Farm Attack Recovery Fund

In the early morning hours, on the 5th of August 2020, Chris (62) and Leonise Joubert (61) were assaulted and left to die. Leonise was shot in the leg and then raped twice, after her attempt to save her 98 year old mother in law, Betsie Joubert, from suffering the same fate. Leonise pleaded and prayed while her husband was being brutally attacked. The robbers left with their valuables, their vehicle and with their livelihood.

The impact of this event is leaving Chris and Nisie without a sustainable income. The consequences of this event is reverberating through their lives and they are left with crippling medical bills, trauma counseling and the extra costs to recover from this attack is piling up.

We are aiming to support their recovery by straightening their path ... just a little bit ... with our financial contribution and every cent will show them that we support them, love them and that people far and wide, really do care.

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