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This is what potential looks like.

And you can help nurture it.

Hunger stunts children’s growth and development. Illiteracy stunts society’s growth and development.

There are not many safe spaces in the world today. Learning in Reach provides young children in vulnerable communities with invaluable refuge from harsh realities, and nurtures their bodies, minds and hearts.

Fund a R500 monthly Learning in Reach scholarship to educate, nurture and feed a young child in a vulnerable community, and make a small difference with huge impact.

Give a child access to quality early childhood learning to cultivate confident, capable and curious children, ready to lead tomorrow.

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    Jacquelyn Price

    R10,750 raised

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    Gillian du Toit

    R7,375 raised

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    Dominik Nielsen

    R6,093 raised

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    Samantha Koegelenberg

    R2,600 raised

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    Leanne Reid

    R2,350 raised

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  1. Alex Price

    2 January

  2. Alex Price

    2 December 2022

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    2 November 2022

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Fundraiser projects

7 Fundraiser projects

Funds for Learning in Reach

By Bayanda Mthembu

Hello, This fundraiser is going to help improve the lives of the kids of Learning in Reach i...

0% Completed
R0 raised
R10,000 Target

I am raising funds for Learning in Reach

By Naomi Jansen

Hi! I need your help. I'm raising money for Learning in Reach, who do great work for a cause that...

2.39130434782609% Completed
R220 raised
R9,200 Target

I am raising funds to cover a child's preschool fees for 2021

By Gillian du Toit

"Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society" - Maria Montessori. Lear...

80.8928375562137% Completed
R7,375 raised
R9,117 Target

Ich Sammle für eine bessere Zukunft in Kapstadt

By Dominik Nielsen

Hallo Freunde und Familie,Ich habe in Südafrika 2017 für ein Projekt gearbeitet, wessen Ziel es w...

18.25% Completed
SFr365 raised
SFr2,000 Target