Help me earn from my Chicken-Hok

African Honey Bee's partner beekeepers usually only harvest honey once a year, and therefore only make money from honey once a year.

We have therefore also started showing our beekeepers how they can make some extra cash every second month from broiler chicken farming. We show them how they can make a chicken hok from bits and pieces lying around their houses, and how with a proper feeding regime, they can produce free rage delicious chicken meat.

A rural family can make R600 from selling 10 broiler chickens. The costs are for 10 day-old chicks and enough broiler food to get the birds to sellable weights - R300.

Your gift will help get them started with their first chicks and food. 6 weeks after receiving them, they will be able to sell the broilers at R60 each, and invest in their next lot.

Micro-chicken farmers only receive this gift if they have successfully made a chicken hok and have completed the chicken training from African Honey Bee.

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