Help us repair our Cheetah Experience Mazda bakkie

At Cheetah Experience we rely on our Mazda bakkie to pick up food for our animals (either food that is donated or food that we’ve paid for), transport equipment needed to improve our animals enclosures, and transport equipment between Cheetah Experience and the Cheetah Experience Wildlife and Veterinary Research Centre.

We used to have three bakkies at Cheetah Experience, but two of these have ongoing mechanical issues and we are unable to rely on them. This means that the Mazda is the only bakkie we can use currently.

Without this bakkie, Cheetah Experience would not be able to operate effectively and provide the best possible care to our animals.

On 22nd of August the Cheetah Experience Mazda bakkie went in for repairs, and it was found that the gear box will need to be replaced. The cost to replace the gear box is R18,100 South African Rand ($1367 US Dollars).

We need your help to pay for these repairs. Every donation, big or small, will make the biggest difference to our animals at Cheetah Experience, and help support the race for survival of our endangered species.

If you have friends, family or colleagues that would be willing to donate to our cause, please share this page with them on social media or by email.

You can make a donation via GivenGain, or through our website

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  1. Thomas Keinz

    3 September 2017

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    30 August 2017

  3. Linda Goose

    28 August 2017

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