Changing children's lives through education.

Our children all come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Each has their own story and challenges to overcome in life. We truly believe that the best way of helping them take their story and turn it around is by providing them with a platform through education. Education is a stepping stone to unlocking their full potential and turning their story of despair into a story of victory by giving them the necessary skills to overcome the challenges that they may face in life.  Education comes at a cost and we would like to make an appeal to you to partner with us to give each child HOPE for the future that lies ahead of them.  

Basic cost for the next 6 months for education is R240 000.00  (Includes educating: 6 x Grade 1, 6 x Grade R, 14 ECD children, 6 x special needs children, 4 x teachers, school fees for children attending formal school as well as transport costs, stationary, educational supplies, etc.)