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We want to inspire our kids. We want each of them to know they can achieve their dreams no matter what. We want them to read books of Africa, written by Africans. Books about boys, about girls, hyenas and lions, heroes and heroines. Books that heat their souls with African sun. We want our teenagers to find themselves, outside of their reality, but close enough to feel their way there. Encouraged to follow the yellow sand road, all the way to their own happy place.

Our request is not for second hand books. We want to purchase specific, relatable books. South African and African publishers only. Books that will change the story to one our children can understand and aspire to.   

It’s pretty straight forward. We’re asking if you can donate any of the following:

R 67 for one new book

R 670 for an entire shelf of books

R 6700 to impact our book club project – inspiring a love of reading within our children

Our youngsters must know they can touch the gold at the end of our rainbow nation. We want to spark their imaginations. Ignite their passion. Let them dream in technicolor.

Make them the champions in the story of their own lives, because of, not in spite of, who they are.

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  1. Dorothy Kobe

    21 July 2020

  2. John Roseveare

    19 July 2020

  3. Liesl Cloete

    18 July 2020

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