At Komani we do not whisper but speak clearly about periods as it is the most natural occurrence in any woman’s life.  

Many girls and women do not have access or cannot afford menstrual protection.  It’s absurd that some still use unhygienic products that is not only damaging to their health but could also lead to embarrassing moments of leakage.  There should be no shame in having your periods and by using Komani products we offer sustainable, high quality sanitary pads so that you never have to worry about being without menstrual protection again.  One pack of Komani reusable sanitary pads is a healthy, cost-effective option providing carefree menses for more than three years.

We have many rural schools on our waiting list and for R135 we will provide a pack containing 4 washable sanitary pads and a wet bag, as well as menstrual hygiene education with every distribution.  

Please fund a girl or Corporates please fund a school through your CSI initiatives. Be Free with Komani

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