CERT Community Service Delivery Fund

Take part in saving lives, by making a donation that supports our CERT Emergency Response Units.

Your donation will enable CERT to continue providing life-saving, emergency medical rescue services to our community. 

We respond to all kinds of emergency situations and provide free emergency medical stabilization until such time as an ambulance arrives. The other services CERT provides include: firefighting standby and fire assistance, rescue, trauma support and animal rescue services. 

How Your Donation Will help CERT:

Your donation will help CERT to cover operational costs, acquire new equipment, service and maintain our current equipment.

About CERT:

Community Emergency Response Team or CERT is a community based non-profit and public beneficiary organization based in Centurion. Our sole purpose is to serve the community. 

We provide lifesaving emergency services to the community. Our services are provided at no cost and are not limited in any way by factors such as, financial status and or discriminative towards any person or living creature.


For more information please email us at info@certsa.org or visit our website at www.certsa.org



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