Spike in rhino orphans since lockdown level 3

Since the Covid-19 lockdown, which saw revenue streams cut off completely, many such NGOs have been struggling. Care for Wild's approach will see them through the hard times, but the world's largest rhino orphanage still needs your help in caring for their new arrivals.

Their latest arrival, Cotton, arrived on 14 August, and was dramatically airlifted out of the park, hanging in a sling beneath the helicopter as dark approached. The Care for Wild team was standing by and transported the calf back to safety. 

Cotton was kept in ICU only for a few days before being taken to join two other young rhino calves, Anchor and Yster, to keep her company and help her relax into life without her mother.

In order to survive post-Covid-19, the conservation industry needs to urgently diversify its income, away from tourism and donors towards a sustainable, diversified, and inclusive model, says Chris de Bruno Austin, co-founder of Care for Wild.

"We are more driven to make sure that we're not reliant on one income stream and that our business model is inclusive and sustainable."

Care for Wild has diversified it's income streams beyond donor funding and "volunteer tourism" into commercial farming, specifically vegetables and nuts. He goes on to say that 50% of the profits made from the farming venture goes to running Care for Wild and the other 50% goes back to the community.

To hear more from Chris and Petronel, founders of Care for Wild, listen to their podcast 

In the meantime however, Cotton, Yster and Anchor will benefit greatly from your assistance...

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