Care for the Carers

"I’ve been so focused on caring for others that I’ve totally forgotten about myself. You can’t give if you’re empty. I needed this."

"Care for the Carers" is giving COVID volunteers on the Cape essential therapeutic and restorative nature experiences.

COVID-19 is taking a tremendous unseen toll on many, and now increasingly our caregivers. Since March, Community Action Networks (CAN) consisting of mostly volunteers have been selflessly giving their time, energies, creativity and increasingly their wellbeing to support people in need. Often in incredibly challenging, changing and risky circumstances.

From soup kitchens to food distribution, and from fundraising to supply deliveries and the forming of community gardens, these front-liners are the forgotten heroes of our society. 

Many have been going non-stop for several months now, jeopardising their own self-care. And we believe it's time they are given the chance to stop briefly, to take breather. 

To revive, recharge, reconnect.  

Let's Care for the Carers!

The cooperative "Care for the Carers" program is giving CAN members/volunteers on the Cape Flats and Garden Route essential therapeutic and restorative nature experiences.  

Nature itself is an essential service and people spending spacious facilitated time in natural spaces has been repeatedly shown to have positive mental & physiological health impacts. Nature is a 'must-have' component of functioning people and society.

Our skilled facilitators - comprising ecotherapists, ecopsychologists, wilderness guides and social workers - are now giving CANs the wellbeing support they need.

We need these selfless givers to keep functioning optimally - firstly for their own sake and that of family and friends  - but for all of society:  so that such kind-hearted souls will continue to feel motivated in growing a better South Africa for all.

"I have really been needing time to myself like this. I didn’t know I needed it so much until I got here."

"I’ve been through so much. Today for the first time I realise that I really really need this. To offload. That I could just sit on a rock and listen to the wind was a gift."

"I felt so heavy when I arrived. Like the world was on my shoulders. I feel somehow  light now. Something had been lifted. I feel free."

Kindly support our efforts in caring for the carers: your donations cover their transport costs to nature areas, food, and the facilitators' time and costs.  

The Masiyembo Association is a diverse collaboration of independent nature guides, outdoor facilitators and health practitioners utilising real experience to revitalise people's relationship with earth and each other. They are committed to creating more opportunities for Cape citizens and their communities to enhance health and wellbeing through nature connection.

Masiyembo is an isiXhosa phrase meaning: "Let's go back to our roots"... to remember our true nature within nature.

More information: Masiyembo Association for Nature & Wellbeing

The Masiyembo Association is hosted by the Organisation for Noetic Ecology NPCRegistered CIPC 2019/306713/08, NPO registration number: 230-712 NPO

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