Sanlam Cape Town Peace Trail Run

Our Short-Term Wildlife Care Facility offers full-flight aviaries, aqua pens, small mammal night and day enclosures as well as temperature controlled environments for reptiles.

We rescue all kinds of wildlife, including seals, porcupines, owls, tortoises, caracals, wild birds, small buck and snakes, to name but a few. The past year saw the admission of 1,725 wild animals.

It has become apparent that our wildlife is more at risk than ever as 342 cruelty cases involving wild animals were investigated this year.

Cruelty to wildlife happens for the purposes of commercial gain, the production of muti or in the name of protection.

In poverty stricken communities, people capture and maim wild animals in the hopes of finding a buyer for them and some use wild animal body parts for protection. Our wildlife Unit also works to put an end to incidents where locals abuse wild animals to provide tourists with entertainment and benefit themselves financially.

Focus is placed on successfully releasing as many animals as possible. In April 2017, a juvenile African Goshawk came into our facility with an abscess on his right shoulder. He was unable to use his wing and was in severe pain and discomfort. After cleaning his wound and medicating him daily, the bird started exercising his wing more and his eating habits began resembling that of catching prey in the wild. Soon he was ready for release back to where he came from.

Very often injured animals end up at our Unit as a result of human-wildlife conflict. Most human-wildlife conflict originates from a lack of tolerance and understanding of the animals’ natural behavior and how we as humans can appropriately interact with them. We believe that through education many incidences of such conflict can be prevented.

We also work with the relevant authorities to bring an end to the illegal keeping, import and sale of exotic animals as pets. In addition to this, we keep a watchful eye on circuses, zoos, pet shops, aquaria and other captive wildlife facilities.

It is our greatest wish that all people could understand the importance of keeping animals in the wild and preserving the necessary habitat for them to do so.There is no greater feeling in the world than watching a wild animal return to the wild, and this year, through the generosity of people like you, we were able to witness this 406 times!

For more information about how you can assist us in our Care4Wildlife campaign please contact Natasha Johannes on 021 700 4155 or email



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5 Fundraiser projects

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