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Camera Traps

Currently, the Selati Game Reserve is busy with a leopard census which is critical to understand our illusive population on the reserve. Over the years our camera traps have reached a point where they need replacing so that this critical research of all fauna and flora can continue. 

The Selati Research team spends hours assigning over 10,000 camera trap images each month for the ecological database, which assists us with our research, but with such a large reserve to cover we require more cameras. 

Camera traps also allow us to see any human movement on the reserve, and with wifi capability these camera traps are able to take a photo and send the image back to us in real-time, enabling us to respond to unauthorised movement on the reserve. This tool therefore will allow for a faster reaction time when there are incursions. 

We welcome your support in not only giving us the tools so that we can share the captured wildlife images with you but also helping us catch poachers! 

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