Coaches Across Continents is an award winning non-profit that works with education and community development. We are the Global Leaders in Education Outside the Classroom. We Design, Develop, and Implement programs for governments, foundations, corporations, and community-based organizations to Create Legacies based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Because of past generous donations, Coaches Across Continents has been able to:

  • Train and certify 25,000+ community coaches and leaders
  • Provide quality education for over 16 MILLION youth  - ANNUALLY
  • Design 400+ Women's Rights Policies throughout 6 Continents
  • Facilitate Child Protection Training for 525 global communities

Donate Today! Your donation will support:

  • 100 community legacy partners on 6 continents
  • 50 Community Impact Coaches in 27 countries 
  • 10 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 
  • 6 Educational Hubs

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    16 Fundraiser projects

    Konrad´s Global Citizenship with Coaches Across Continents

    By Konrad Gürtler

    Beloved donor, From March 2020 onward I will get the opportunity to join Coaches Acr...

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    We are raising funds for female soccer teams in Colombia

    By Davidson Women's Soccer

    Due to our experiences as female athletes, this year the Davidson Women's Soccer team has decided...

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    I am raising funds for Coaches Across Continents

    By Harvard Women's Soccer

    Welcome to the Harvard Soccer fundraising page for Coaches Across Continents. Together the Harvar...

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    In honor of FIFA Women's World Cup, CAC is raising money to support the women and girls in the ASK for Choice Initiative

    By Women's World Cup 2019

    In honor of the WWC, Coaches Across Continents will expand ASK for Choice: Gender Equality progra...

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