Coaches Across Continents is an award winning non-profit that works with education and community development. We are the Global Leaders in Education Outside the Classroom. We Design, Develop, and Implement programs for governments, foundations, corporations, and community-based organizations to Create Legacies based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Because of past generous donations, Coaches Across Continents has been able to:

  • Train and certify 25,000+ community coaches and leaders
  • Provide quality education for over 16 MILLION youth  - ANNUALLY
  • Design 400+ Women's Rights Policies throughout 6 Continents
  • Facilitate Child Protection Training for 525 global communities

Donate Today! Your donation will support:

  • 100 community legacy partners on 6 continents
  • 50 Community Impact Coaches in 27 countries 
  • 10 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 
  • 6 Educational Hubs

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    13 Fundraiser projects

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    Coaches Across Continents

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    Hi Friends,Thanks for checking out my fundraising page. In my off season this year I will be work...

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    I will be traveling with Coaches Across Continents this summer to empower social change through n...

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