Coaches Across Continents: Donor Legacy

To our cherished donors,

Whether your first donation was to a Global Citizen, a Coaches Across Continents campaign, or a general act of kindness - We Thank You!

We are the global leaders in sport for social impact, certifying thousands of coaches and educating over 1 million youth around the world on an annual basis. None of this is possible without your help! You are valued as a donor, and as a human being who believes in the power of sport to make the world a better place.

We are asking all of our donors to not just donate, but to invest in a relationship with Coaches Across Continents. By placing a recurring (monthly) donation, donors can continue to see the growth and impacts in the communities they support over time. Just $1 a month is enough to create your legacy. Our wish is to help you make your difference.

Create Your Donor Legacy Today!

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    16 November

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    14 November

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    14 November

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