Thanks to You Elvis is Educating 5000 Children

The second CAC partner to be supported by this campaign was Elvis Nshimba of Malaika in Lubumbashi, DRC. Elvis, a CAC Community Impact Coach works with 5,000 youth in his community who needs vital food, soap and educational resources. Elvis will be using the donations and CAC's COVID-19 packet to train local coaches on addressing COVID-19 through play in addition to continuing their food distribution campaign.


Your Donation Is Already Making A Difference in Uganda

Thanks to your wonderful donations CAC and our partners are already addressing COVID-19 in Mbarara, Uganda. We have worked quickly to move your donations to our trusted partners working on the front lines in the most at-risk communities. 

Our partners Mbarara Sports Academy and their leader Salim Blanden have already donated masks, food and cooking pans to help children on the street and other vulnerable people including women and young people survive during the pandemic. Next they will be providing more food, COVID-19 play-based educational materials, soap and water.

We are also working hard to design strategies for our partners to support the mental well-being of their beneficiaries. The mental health of youth has been seriously affected by COVID-19. 

Your support for CAC and our global collaboration is saving lives during this tragic moment in history. 

We are already working on moving money to another leader working on the front lines of the COVID-19 response. Elvis Nshimba, of Malaika in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who is providing food in a location where the price of food has increased by up to 5 times since the onset of the virus.



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