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By Moritz Guertler

I deeply thank you for supporting my efforts and my conviction towards sports and its power for a lasting social impact.

sustainability, football, soccer, fundraising, volunteering, Coaching,

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By Davidson Women's Soccer

Due to our experiences as female athletes, this year the Davidson Women's Soccer team has decided to partner with Coaches Across Continents. Specifically, we...

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By Konrad Gürtler

Beloved donor, From March 2020 onward I will get the opportunity to join Coaches Across Continents (CAC) as a "Global Citizen”. One pa...

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By McKenzie Meehan

I'm excited to share that I will be traveling to India with Coaches Across Continents to use the game of soccer to bring about social change.

football, soccer, India, empowerment, travel, coachesacrosscontinents,

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By Johnny Smith

Volunteering as a Global Citizen for Coaches Across Continents, an organization that looks to create awareness of social issues through sport.

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By Heather Jackson

Do you want to see women's rights improved in developing countries? Do you believe in the power of sport? Please invest in me & CAC. Your $$ matters!

womensrights, coachesacrosscontinents, femaleempowerment, sportforsocialimpact, cac, girlsrights,

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By Jesse DiLuzio

CAC is an award-winning nonprofit organization that has had a positive impact on thousands of underdeveloped communities across the world.

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By Libbie Randolph

I will be traveling with Coaches Across Continents this summer to empower social change through non-formal education and the game of soccer.

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By Abigail Gibbons

Sport teaches one major lesson, teamwork. Together, thanks to your donation, we can improve lives by using sport for social impact.

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By Rosa Morales

Donating to contribute to the inclusion and overall equity of ethnic minorities and women in a world that attempts to restrict us.

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