COVID-19$: Soap and Education for Children

Executive Summary

How do you keep children safe from the COVID-19 virus if they don't have access to soap, water and education? CAC's global collaboration of partners directly impacts 27 million children. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, thanks to your donations, CAC has financially supported:

  • 10 countries on 4 continents
  • 17 community organizations
  • 21 local leaders delivering play-based education in a safe and responsible way
  • 615,000 youth affected by the pandemic

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, CAC's curriculum and resources has reached:

  • 70 countries on 6 continents
  • 104 community organizations
  • 7,999 local leaders
  • 27 million youth

We need the help of individuals and corporations to deliver our flexible COVID-19 response program which immediately saves lives and builds long-term play-based education on the pandemic. 

1. We immediately mobilize our global network of organizations to provide urgent relief to their community based on local needs including distributing food, soap, masks, data, and knowledge sharing. 

2. We have designed 2 play-based curricula to educate about A) COVID-19 safety B) Social issues resulting from COVID-19 incl. mental health, child protection, gender-based violence and drug and alcohol abuse. We use digital education to provide these curricula to our local partners and train them in using it in an adaptive way depending on their rapidly changing national guidelines and restrictions. These local programs use the play-based resources to educate the most at-risk children in their community about COVID-19 in a safe and responsible way.

$19 will provide soap and our essential COVID-19 resource to a team of 10 children. 

Your Donations

You Have Supported Salim and 1,500 Children in Uganda

The first CAC partner supported by this campaign was Salim Blanden of Mbarara Sports Academy in Uganda. Salim, a CAC Community Impact Coach, works with 1,500 children. He is using the donations to purchase vital soap and provide educational resources to help rural homeless children in Mbarara, Uganda. These kids are scared, have no place to gain information and no soap and water to wash their hands without Salim's work.

You Have Supported Elvis and 5,000 Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The second CAC partner to be supported by this campaign was Elvis Nshimba of Malaika in Lubumbashi, DRC. Elvis, a CAC Community Impact Coach works with 5,000 youth in his community who needs vital food, soap and educational resources. Elvis will be using the donations and CAC's COVID-19 packet to train local coaches on addressing COVID-19 through play in addition to continuing their food distribution campaign.

You Have Supported GOALS Haiti and 400 Children in Haiti

Haiti is starting to see an increase in COVID-19 cases. GOALS are the only organization working in their rural Haitian location to educate and prevent the spread of the disease through distribution of face masks, soap and food. Your donations will go towards vital prevention tools such as hand wash stations and sanitizer. With medical care non existent in the community prevention is key. 

More examples of where your support will go will be added throughout the campaign.


We are delighted to have expanded our partnership with Nike who are supporting our COVID-19 initiative which allows us to support partner organizations responding to the coronavirus in 9 specific countries. 

Our COVID-19 response partnership with Nike has already provided essential funding to community-based organizations to distribute vital goods to the community while building a long-term educational pathway for youth. For example:

In Indonesia one of the partners supported is Uni Papua FC who are distributing rice and masks to at-risk families while providing football-based educational sessions about preventing the spread of COVID-19.

In the Philippines one of the partners supported is FundLife International who are distributing food and female hygiene packs while designing safe play-based educational sessions which will focus on mental-well being of youth when restrictions allow.

In Colombia one of the partners supported is Niñas sin Miedo who are distributing hygiene items and antibacterial gel while delivering educational sessions to girls focused on how to support each other during lock down.

In India one of the 6 partners supported is Slum Soccer who are providing ration and hygiene kit to 40 underserved families in Nagpur while delivering their ‘Be Careful, Not Fearful’ play-based program which teach youth about issues such as social distancing, hand-washing, and fact-based decision-making.

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