COVID-19$: Soap and Education for Children

May 13th 2020 Update. We are delighted that a multinational corporate sponsor is donating an additional $100,000 to CAC's COVID-19 initiative which allows us to support partner organizations responding to the coronavirus in 9 specific countries. 

How do you keep children safe from the COVID-19 virus if they don't have access to soap, water and education? CAC's global collaboration of partners directly impacts 2 million children. We need your help to give these children soap, water and our essential resource on COVID-19 or they will be at extreme risk of serious health problems. 

$19 will provide soap and our essential COVID-19 resource to a team of 10 children. 

Support Elvis and 5,000 Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The next CAC partner to be supported by this campaign will be Elvis Nshimba of Malaika in Lubumbashi, DRC. In the DRC the price of food has risen by up to 5 times since the outbreak of COVID-19. Elvis, a CAC Community Impact Coach works with 5,000 youth in his community who needs vital food, soap and educational resources. The children can't afford food and have no soap and water to wash their hands. Please donate today.

Support David and 2,000 Children in Kenya

David Mulo, founder of CAC partner Green-Kenya, works in the congested slums of Mukuru and Shauri Moyo in Nairobi, Kenya. He is sharing vital information about the importance of social distancing and washing hands regularly. In addition he is raising funds to purchase masks, soap, safe water and educational materials. If COVID-19 truly takes hold in these slums it will be disastrous making David's work even more important. Please donate today.

You Have Supported Salim and 1,500 Children in Uganda

The first CAC partner supported by this campaign was Salim Blanden of Mbarara Sports Academy in Uganda. Salim, a CAC Community Impact Coach, works with 1,500 children. He is using the donations to purchase vital soap and provide educational resources to help rural homeless children in Mbarara, Uganda. These kids are scared, have no place to gain information and no soap and water to wash their hands without Salim's work.

More examples of where support will go will be added throughout the campaign.

About Coaches Across Continents

Coaches Across Continents is a global collaboration of communities, corporations, and foundations on 6 continents that use our unique Purposeful Play and Education Outside the Classroom programs to impact the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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