Urgent Needs for 2017/2018

As Cabrini Ministries looks to close out 2017 and forward to 2018, there are a few urgent needs that require the generous contributions of our friends and supporters:

  • Medication Costs - Due to government shortages and stock outs in Swaziland, thousand of people are not able to access the medication they need. This is particularly hurting the elderly that struggle with chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Our $30,000 year budget has already been fully expended and we expect actually costs to be double that by year end. Government hospitals are referring patients to our local clinic due to the lack of medication and there simply isn't enough to go around.
  • Tertiary Education Costs - In the past 3 years Cabrini has been able to sponsor 32 students for educational opportunities beyond high school. These investments in bright and promising students not only set them on the path for a better future, but also secures new streams of income for their families in rural Swaziland. A total of $25,000 per year is needed to continue this program.
  • Preschool support - Our local preschool currently provides top notch early childhood education opportunities to 70 area students. While parents pay 50% of the actual costs, the rest is subsidized by donors like you to ensure as many as possible can start their educational journey on the right food. The total yearly cost of the preschool is $25,000 and $12,500 is needed to ensure it can continue to operate in the future.

Thank you for supporting the work of Cabrini Ministries to the most poor and vulnerable in the rural Lubombo lowveld of Swaziland.



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