Your financial contribution – at any level – can make a difference for those infected or affected by HIV/TB.

Give life to the sick by supporting essential medical care
$50 provides six months comprehensive health care for someone suffering from HIV or Tuberculosis. This includes testing, counseling, treatment, transportation and follow-up support.

Provide hope and support to marginalized youth
$100 covers all the needs of one of Swaziland's most at-risk youth for one month, including is covers food, shelter, clothing, education, life skills training and healthcare for an orphan or vulnerable child

Offer the promise of a better future through education
For $400 per year, you can sponsor the education of a child in Swaziland. This includes all of the costs associated with schooling for a Swazi child including tuition, uniforms and exam fees.

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  1. Ken Corder

    28 November 2017

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    28 November 2017

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    26 June 2015

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