Cheshire Homes has a passion for looking after and helping physically disabled people irrespective of gender, race or creed.

We want to make this Christmas an unforgettable occurrence for the 26 physically disabled residents at Langa Cheshire Home. We are preparing family reunion with their families. We are planning to give each resident a decent present (clothing,toiletries,unique mystery present). We are also planning to give each family a Christmas hamper of groceries to take it home.

We are also planning a sighseeing tour of Cape Town and surrounding attractions.

Make a difference this Christmas to the lives of those less fortunate than you through no fault of theirs.

You are cordially invited to visit our facility to see for your self the work we are doing and the needs of Langa Cheshire Home.

For any inquiries or information, please contact the facility manager, Howard Mbadlisa at 0216942844, 0634219399 and

human services