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Dear Friends & Family of Grow Peace and Goedgedacht Trust,

“Christmas time or the Festive Season” means different things to different people. Some of us will worry about how to approach the festive season with a greater consciousness of the worrying state of our world, some will swear off plastic, eat less red meat and use recyclable brown paper for our gifts. To many rural families “Christmas time of year” means chronic fear, about money and the misery of not being able to feed their children at Christmas, never mind keeping them going throughout the school holidays.

We are all feeling the pinch as our country slides into recession. Poverty in the rural areas is deepening, people really are hungry and as a result, more and more children will have nothing to look forward to this Festive time let alone the rest of the year. It is truly very worrying.

As Christmas draws near and the Festive season begins, let each one of us remember the challenge, present in all faiths, to feed the poor and the hungry. Bob Geldof, in his fight against world poverty once said and I quote “Is it not madness that children and
people die of hunger in a world of surplus?”

At Goedgedacht, if you are willing and able to respond, we can make it easy for you to reach out and make a positive and wonderful difference to the poorest families with our much-loved BOXES OF BLESSINGS.

1. We will fill Boxes of Blessings with basic foods and a few treats for the many little children who will be hoping for at least one good meal.
2. These gifts will be delivered to a struggling family – and we promise you feedback in the early part of next year.

PLEASE, I beg you, before you go shopping for your own family, if you are able, please respond by donating the cost of a BOX OF BLESSINGS so that, ON YOUR BEHALF we will be able to bring joy and great relief to many seriously struggling families this Christmas.

Many thanks,

Peter Templeton

Social worker and Director, The Goedgedacht Trust

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    12 December 2020

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