Donate A Box of Blessings this Festive Season

Dear Friend of Goedgedacht

In a year filled with hardships, we've all needed BLESSINGS in our lives; any form of BLESSINGS, in fact most of us have needed BOXES of them. Thankful for the blessings of good health, financial security, a happy family life, a place to call home and a safe environment to live in. 

Many in our country are not so fortunate, and yet, it surprises me how little it takes for the less fortunate in our country, to have so little and still feel so blessed. Every year just before Christmas, we ask you to support our BOXES OF BLESSINGS APPEAL; to reach out to a family in need and give them a box filled with essentials over Christmas.

Each box contains:
Essential food items: Cake flour, rice, sugar, milk, instant coffee, macaroni pasta, canned pilchards, body soap, washing powder, canned bully beef, salt and pepper, fish oil, tea bags, lentils, toilet paper, bleach, toothpaste, yeast, spaghetti and canned baked beans.

A sweet treat: marshmallows and soft drink syrup.

Please, may we ask you once again to help us make this a special year, for those less fortunate families dotted around remote farms, and rural villages where we work, most of whom have had an increasingly hard year.

For as little as R400 you can make a family's Christmas special, and I hope in turn that you have a very blessed Christmas yourself.

Please feel free to contact our fundraising team at ;for more about our Boxes of Blessings campaign or general assistance.

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