Save Yabonga´s Vegetable Garden and the healthy Nutrition!


The Idea:

In 2016 a vegetable garden was established at Yabonga’s head office in Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa. It was supported by the idea of promoting a healthier diet for the children and youth taking part in the organisation’s programmes. Since then more than 20 flower beds flourishing with an incredible variety of more than 15 different vegetables are responsible for our beneficiaries nutrition. Cropped vegetables, including spinach, beetroot, carrots, lettuce, potatoes and many more, are harvested, portioned and distributed to the Community Mother Programme and the Respite Centre where the children receive their daily meals consisting of a great variety of essential vitamins needed for growth and development. This all made possible by the vegetables coming directly from Yabonga’s garden.

The Potential:

Thanks to the supply of seedlings from our donors Hart Nurseries and Ferndale Nurseries and the hard work of our gardener Gabriel and his workers - The hope is that in the future, every two weeks a different batch of vegetables will be ready to be harvested, bundled and later delivered to our Community Mothers. The best case scenario includes all of the current 42 community mothers with over 1000 children, the respite and the youth centre, receiving baskets of fresh vegetables and herbs on a weekly basis. 

Thereafter, the overall amount of the available harvest will have a surplus of vegetables, which could later be sold at a monthly held organic market and generate an additional revenue for Yabonga.

The Problem:

Due to the current water drought in Cape Town and its followed restrictions on water with horrendously high fees, it is simply not feasible for Yabonga to irrigate the garden sufficiently enough and to make use of all the vegetable beds available. At the moment the harvest is struggling with incredibly numbers, which is leading to a further decrease of Community Mothers receiving vegetables. Hence less children with a well-balanced diet and an opportunity to grow and develop healthily.

Recent impacts of the drought even forced us to take drastic cuts in the Yabonga Nutrition Programme which will lead to the complete shut down of the garden by the end of June.

The Solution:

By digging two rainwater biotopes and connecting a piping system for better irrigation, first actions have been undertaken in order to seize a bigger water supply. Nonetheless this additional water source is still dependent on rainfall, which is not likely to occur in Cape Town in upcoming months, or even years. 

Because using the tap water wouldn’t only be less sufficient due to the lacking of necessary minerals the plants need, it will also increase the cost of water enormously. The only real improvement and solution for the water shortage is the drilling of a borehole. 

This is the only way the full potential of the vegetable garden can be reached and have all of Yabonga’s beneficiaries fed and additional crops sold to the public.

Costs for drilling a borehole and connection + set up for a water tank: 7000€ (R 110,000)

With your donation you can help us drill the borehole, set up a water tank and secure a sustainable healthy nutrition for Yabonga’s children!

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