Boland Trees for Bees Pledge Fund

In partnership, The Bee Effect and Boland Cellar have created a unique fund to plant trees that feed our honey bees. To expand their collaboration and support much-needed reforestation to mitigate climate change, support our water resources, and protect habitats, they have partnered with Greenpop’s Forests for Life reforestation projects. 

The goal is to plant 36,000 Trees for Bees by 2025, for a total of R4.5 million.

Why Boland Trees for Bees?

  • Increased forage for bees - Lack of diverse forage is one of the 4 main threats to honey bee sustainability.
  • Restoration of degraded forest ecosystems - In addition to providing forage for bees, the programme aims to restore degraded forest ecosystems in the Western and Eastern Cape.
  • Increased ecosystem services - The programme also contributes to increased biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  • Supports fire-prevention - The programme also funds alien clearing and firebreak maintenance to reduce the risk of future forest fires.
  • Support the local community - The programme supports local tree growers and community nurseries.

Get involved!

For every R120 donated, Greenpop is able to plant a tree in one of their forest restoration projects in the Western and Eastern Cape. This cost includes the planting, maintenance and monitoring of the tree.

  • Tax donation receipt - Corporate and individual donors can request a Section 18 A tax donation receipt for their contribution here.

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To learn more about the Boland Trees for Bees Pledge Fund click here.

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