Through your support, Qhubeka uses bicycles to connect families to schools, clinics and jobs. Communities with limited transport have restricted options, but bicycles are tools of change. With access to wheels comes a connection to opportunities.

That’s why Qhubeka’s name is an Nguni word that means “to progress”, “to move forward” – because bicycles help people to travel faster, further, carry more, be fitter and access more options, including healthcare and educational facilities. Bicycles also save people money they would have had to spend on other forms of transport.

From keeping children in school to helping whole communities to create new economic opportunities, bicycles are a simple, affordable and sustainable solution to some of Africa’s most pressing social problems.

What began as a project to help a few schoolchildren who had no transport to school has evolved into a model to provide simple, affordable transport to connect communities to schools, clinics and jobs.

Together, we’ve changed over 70 000 lives

We’ve distributed over 73 000 bicycles to people who earned them through improving their communities, the environment or school attendance. Since 2005, individual, corporate and government support has helped us achieve this number – and it’s leading to bigger things, like creating jobs by assembling bicycles in the areas where we work.

How we change lives with bicycles

Bicycles have the ability to shift individuals, communities and our continent, Africa.

At Qhubeka we believe in empowering people and upholding their dignity. Because of these principles, our programmes have a work-to-earn element to them. People earn bicycles in return for growing trees, recycling waste, committing to improve their school attendance or their outputs at work, and various other ways. Whatever they do to earn their bicycles, the result is always the same: a community that is more connected.

Qhubeka Bicycles are always distributed to communities through humanitarian organisations – we call them Implementation Partners – who incorporate bicycles in their community development programmes.

Our Qhubeka bicycles are brand new and purpose-built to be robust. To meet the needs of the communities and families our Implementation Partners serve they are designed to work for girls and boys right up to adults.

When you fund a bicycle, you help:

1. Connect communities to basic services

2. Reduce inequalities

3. Improve health

The cost of one bicycle delivered into a programme in South Africa is R2 850.00 and includes: component manufacturing, shipping, duty, tax, assembly, delivery, helmets, field visits, field mechanic training, monitoring and evaluation.

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