Let's spread the Word of God in Mozambique


Portuguese Bibles are needed in Mozambique. You cannot get them too easily and not at a good price compared to the average salary of normal working people. There is no Bible Society in Mozambique.

We, DLC, are a São Paulo, Brazil based publishing house for sound Christian literature. Visit our website and online shop.

We aim at leading people to Jesus Christ - not to a man-made religion. Mozambicans need salvation, and non-Christian religions are growing there, offering a "way" to God, but not the only possible way: Christ!

We understand this only can be done by the Bible, the Holy Word of the only living God (see Romans 10:17). Now our aims are to spread the Word in Mozambique. Our goals:

  • printing at least 5,000 samples of Portuguese Bibles
  • the price must be kept low so that average people can afford to buy one or even to get one free
  • we must offer a translation as good as possible and we do this by using the Almeida Corrigida Fiel (ACF), comparable to the English King James Version in a well and easily understandable language

To achieve our goal, we need YOU and your help. So if you are really interested in spreading the Word of God, the utterly best we have to offer to someone, then we ask you to support us.

With only R100 (US$7.00 or EUR6.00) per donation we can provide easily a good Bible plus distributing costs. Normally Mozambicans have to pay up to US$14.00 to get one.

So what are you still waiting for? Make your donation now and help the people of Mozambique.

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    2 November 2017

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Let's spread the word of God in Mozambique

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