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The nonprofit Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism produces health news analysis, multimedia and narrative features from South Africa and around the continent.

We pair beautiful stories with sound science for a brand of narrative health journalism that you won’t find anywhere else on the continent. Our stories are the culmination of hours of reporting, editing and fact-checking.

Bhekisisa also works with scientists and researchers to bring their work to life and profile new, transformational voices in science through our unique opinion pieces.

No hype, no sensationalism, no fake news. Just good, old-fashioned specialist reporting with a few new tricks.

We’ve mapped out reproductive health services in South Africa, tackled corruption within healthcare, dealt with the gut-wrenching issue of child rape and told the heartwarming stories of mothers who just wouldn’t rest until their children with disabilities got the education they deserved.

And you can find them all for free on our website.

But good reporting doesn’t come cheap. So consider support quality, social justice journalism today. 

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